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Statistical Indicators on the Elderly

Statistical Indicators on the Elderly

Selected statistical indicators on the status of the Elderly

Item Data
Proportion of Elderly1
(Residents aged 65 years and over)
Year 2009
Year 2030
Old-Age Support Ratio1
(Residents aged 15 to 64 years per elderly resident aged 65 years and over)
Year 2009
Old-Age Dependency Ratio1
(Elderly residents aged 65 years and over divided by residents aged 15 to 64 years)
Year 2009
12.1 per 100
Educational Attainment1
(Resident Non-students aged 55 years and over)
(i) Below Secondary
(ii) Secondary
(iii) Post Secondary*
(iv) University
*includes Polytechnic Diploma
Year 2009
(i) 68.0%
(ii) 17.7%
(iii) 8.7%
(iv) 5.6%
Elderly Living Arrangement1
(Residents aged 65 years and over)
(i) Living with spouse
(ii) Not living with spouse but with children
(iii) Not living with spouse or children
Year 2005

(i) 52.4%
(ii) 34.5%
(iii) 13.1%
Labour Force Participation Rates2
(Resident labour force participation rate)
(i) 65 - 69
(ii) 70 - 74
(iii) 75 and Over
Year 2008

(i) 27.5%
(ii) 15.1%
(iii) 5.4%
Life Expectancy at Birth1
(Resident population)
Year 2008

80.9 years(all)
78.4 years (males)
83.2 years (females)
Life Expectancy at Age 651
(Resident population)
Year 2008

19.2 years (all)
17.4 years (males)
20.8 years (females)
Mobility Status3
(Residents aged 55 years and over)
Year 2005

92.2%: Ambulant & physically independent
5.2%: Ambulant & physically independent but require walking aids
1.7%: Require some physical assistance to move around
0.4%: Not bedridden but require total physical assistance
0.5%: Bedridden and require regular turning in bed
Volunteerism rate4
(Amongst persons aged 65 years and over)
Year 2008

Notes (2009)

  1. Source: Singapore Department of Statistics
  2. Source: Ministry of Manpower, Labour Force Survey June 2008
  3. Source: Ministry of Community Development, Youth and Sports, National Survey of Senior Citizens 2005
  4. Source: National Volunteer & Philanthropy Centre, Survey on Individual Giving in Singapore 2008
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