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Step 5: Submit Adoption Application to Court

  1. Submit an application to the Family Court

    • Prospective adopters adopting a foreign child must submit the adoption application within 3 weeks of DP issuance. Applicants who fail to do so may have the DP terminated.

  2. Apply for Guardian-in-Adoption (GIA) consent with MSF*

    • The Court will instruct you or your lawyer to seek consent from the Director-General of Social Welfare (DGSW) from MSF to act as the GIA for the child during the adoption process.

    • To apply for consent for the DGSW from MSF to act as the GIA, please click on the relevant links:

    • Required documents:

      1. Child’s Birth Certificate

      2. Death certificate of child’s biological parent (if applicable)

      3. Pre-Adoption Briefing (PAB) Certificate of Attendance

        • If certificate is not given, please provide email correspondence confirming attendance of the PAB

      4. Applicant’s NRIC/Passport (or any equivalent identification document):

        • Please also provide applicants’ ID as stated in Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

      5. Deed poll (if applicable)

      6. For married applicant adopting without their spouse:

        • Current spouse’s consent (in the form of a notarised affidavit)

        • Divorce court orders (if applicable)

      7. Originating Summons (OS) for Adoption

      8. Adoption Statement

      9. Affidavit in Support of the Originating Summons

      10. Biological parent’s notarised consent and/or supplementary affidavit detailing efforts to obtain biological  parent’s consent (if not obtained)

      11. DNA report (if applicable)

      12. Child’s Dependant’s Pass copy (for foreign children)

      13. HSR Report or HSR Waiver Approval Letter

      14. GIA Fee: $250

  3. Once MSF’s DGSW consents to act as the GIA, you need to apply to the Court for MSF’s DGSW to be appointed as the GIA*.

  4. Once MSF’s DGSW is appointed as the GIA, an MSF officer will contact you, your family or relevant persons for relevant interviews on you and your family. This stage usually takes up to 9 months barring delays or complexities. An adoption application with complicating factors will take much longer.

  5. Do attend all the required interviews and allow the GIA to conduct visits to your home. Upon completion of the investigation, MSF will prepare an affidavit to the Family Court.

Before the new Adoption of Children Act (ACA) 2022 takes effect:

  • After an adoption application is submitted to the Court, applicants are required to seek consent from MSF to act as the Guardian-In-Adoption for the child during the adoption process.

Under the new ACA 2022:

  • Applicants are no longer required to make a separate application to seek MSF’s consent to act as the Guardian-In-Adoption (GIA).