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Step 6: Attend Court Hearing & Post-Adoption

  1. MSF will send the affidavit to you or your lawyer once the GIA has concluded the investigation. You or your lawyer will submit the affidavit to the Family Court within 2 weeks and apply for a hearing date thereafter.

  2. You or your lawyer must be present during the Court Hearing for the case. The Court may call on other parties such as the GIA and the child's biological parents to be present during the hearing. 

  3. The Court may choose to make a decision or adjourn the case, pending further information on the adoption application, at the hearing. 

  4. If the Court grants the Adoption Order, the Registry of Births & Deaths and Immigration and Checkpoints Authority (ICA) will be informed by the Court, to enable the issuance of a new Birth Certificate for the child. You or your lawyer will receive a letter from ICA to collect the Birth Certificate.

  5. Once the Court has made its decision on the adoption application, the Dependant’s Pass (DP) cannot be extended. You will need to approach ICA for a valid immigration pass before your Child’s current DP expires.

  6. If the Court dismisses your adoption application, you will have to return the child to his/her family at your own cost.

  7. If required, the Court may order the family to receive post-adoption services.