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Adopting a Child

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What Is the Legal Implication of Adoption?

When an adoption order is passed by the court, the child’s legal ties with the biological parents will be severed and the adoptive parents will assume all rights, obligations, and responsibilities in the care, education, and well-being of the child.

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Changes to the Adoption of Children Act (ACA) to Safeguard Child Welfare


Finding a Good Home for Every Child

  • All prospective adopters must attend mandatory briefings and undergo an Adoption Suitability Assessment.

  • Only Singaporeans, Permanent Residents, and foreigners adopting with Singaporean spouses can adopt in Singapore.

  • Persons convicted of serious crimes cannot adopt.

  • The Court can order mandatory support, where needed.


Balancing the Interests of the Birth Parents and the Child

  • The changes to the Act make it clearer as to when the Court may act without the birth parents’ consent in adoption cases of vulnerable children.


Regulating the Adoption Process

1. Agencies providing child-matching services must follow the regulations in the Act and publish their fees for all services provided.

2. These agencies must not:

  • Make or receive payments not specified in the ACA

  • Advertise children for adoption

  • Obtain the birth parents’ consent deceptively

  • Provide false information

  • Place children with prospective adopters before they have been assessed as suitable

3. All parties involved in the adoption process must report suspected offences that contravene the Act.