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Mining Deep, Scaling Heights, Session: Reflexive Collaboration Across Disciplines

On 18 October 2016, a group of social service practitioners gathered to attend a sharing session titled “Reflexive Collaboration Across Disciplines”. Professional therapists from the Counselling and Care Centre were invited to share their expertise on the topic of collaborating between social work and counselling, and to offer the audience advice on how to become more effective practitioners of the social service sector with the help of such forms of collaboration.

Speakers from the Counselling and Care Centre (CCC):

1. Mr Elijah Sim – Senior Therapist

2. Ms Cheryl Lim – Therapist

3. Ms Charlotte Chen – Therapist

Designations as of 18 October 2016.


Definition of Social Work (S)

A profession which promotes social change, problem solving within human relationships, as well as the empowerment and liberation of people – all these aim to enhance the well-being of individuals, families, and communities

Definition of Counselling (C)

Offers individuals experiences that expand their view of life, and with those which enlarge their repertoire of effective coping resources for their environment or situations

Advice for Social Workers and Counsellors:

  • Practice reflexivity: find strategies to question your own attitudes, values, assumptions, prejudices, habits, and strive to understand your complex relations with others
  • In the process of managing cases, strive to nurture positive relationships with clients and relevant stakeholders in the social service landscape via respectful negotiation and collaboration
  • Stay relevant – acquire a range of multi-disciplinary skills set and knowledge