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Forms for SCFA Administrator Student Care Centres

This section contains the forms prescribed by MSF for use by SCFA Administrator Student Care Centres:



Pre-employment medical check form

Click here to download the SCC pre-employment medical check form

All staff who work in the SCC are to undergo a pre-employment medical check-up, to determine if they are fit for employment in an SCC. Please request the medical doctor who is conducting the pre-employment medical check to complete this form.

The Centre is required to file the completed form after the medical check and provide it to MSF or its appointed auditor during our audit visits.


6-monthly returns form

Click here to download the 6-monthly returns form

SCFA Administrators are required to provide updates on your centre’s monthly capacity, overall student care enrolment, number of children receiving ComCare Student Care Subsidies at your Student Care Centre (SCC), and other required information once every 6 months. Please use the form to fill in the information required. The form contains detailed explanations of how to fill in and submit the information.

MSF will notify SCFA Administrators via email of the six-monthly exercise. The exercise will take place in May and November every year.