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Celebrating SG Women

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Celebrating SG Women Facebook Profile Frame

Singaporeans from various walks of life showed support by adopting our Celebrating SG Women Facebook Profile Frame.

We invite Singaporeans to show how they are changing gender stereotypes at home and/or in the workplace.

You can share your personal stories on how you have changed gender stereotypes at home and/or in the workplace on your social media platforms. Tag your family and friends to encourage them to share how they #MakeTheNorm. Together, we can #MakeTheNorm!

MakeTheNorm Write-Up

We have collaborated with several social enterprises to produce commemorative masks, mask straps and tote bags!

Click here to get these limited edition mechandise and show your support for the movement and our social enterprises.

Celebrating Singapore Women Commemorative Merchandise 

In partnership with SingPost and Singapore Fashion Runway, we have released the Celebrating SG Women commemorative stamp in honour of SG Women!

The commemorative stamp is inspired by elements of the Celebrating SG Women logo and attributes of women, taking on the form of our national flower, the Vanda Miss Joaquim. The stamp is designed by Ms Casey Ng, an artist with special needs from Singapore Fashion Runway, and Ms Agnes Tan, a stamp designer with Singpost.


Pre-cancelled First Day Cover Affixed with Stamps

Presentation Pack

The Celebrating SG Women commemorative stamp is available at all Post Office (while stocks last). You can also purchase them online to support the movement!

As our society continues to progress, more women have joined the workforce. Women are now represented in many fields, including those that are traditionally male-dominated.

Today, women continue to work even after becoming mothers. This is why at least 60% of households in Singapore are now dual-income. Despite this, a recent survey on women’s development showed that:

  • women were five times more likely to take on domestic duties than men in these households; and
  • women were also nearly four times more likely to leave their jobs for caregiving as compared to men.

Caregiving is a duty that can be shared. As a gift to our next generation, let us teach them the importance of sharing domestic duties, with the mindset of mutual respect and support. After all, inculcating lifelong values in our children starts from home.

“Our kids will actually mirror whatever we do,” noted a parent who participated in this social experiment. By being respectful, understanding and supportive of our partners through our everyday actions, we can instill values of gender equality in our children.

This video was brought to you by Made for Families, Families for Life, Dads for Life, Mums for Life, Centre for Fathering, NTUC, PA-WIN and Singapore Council of Women’s Organisations.

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