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Celebrating SG Women

White Paper on Singapore Women’s Development

The White Paper on Singapore Women’s Development reflects our shared vision towards a fairer and more inclusive society, where men and women partner each other as equals, and both can pursue their aspirations freely and to the fullest.

In 2021, the Government completed a year-long, nationwide Conversations on Singapore Women’s Development that engaged nearly 6000 participants over 160 conversations. The Conversations took stock of our current efforts to empower, uplift and support women and gave voice to our collective aspirations for Singapore women. Feedback and ideas from the Conversations contributed to the White Paper, which has 25 collective action plans by the Government and community.


Please click here for the White Paper, or see the infographics below which summarise the action plans.

CSGW Infographic 1 - Towards a Fairer and More Inclusive Society  CSGW Infographic 2 - Equality in the Workplace  CSGW Infographic 3 - Equality in Family and Society  CSGW Infographic 4 - Protection of Women Against Violence and Harm  CSGW Infographic 5 - Other Support Measures

(Click on the images to view each infographic in full)