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MSF’s Care Pillar Engagements

Building a caring and inclusive society, and a Singapore Made For Families

Building on past conversations from The Enabling Masterplan 2030, which sets out the vision for Singapore as an inclusive society in 2030 developed by, for, and with persons with disabilities and their caregivers - Singaporeans want to build a caring and inclusive society where persons with disabilities can participate fully as integral and contributing members of society.

Here are some ways that we could work together on, to enable persons with disabilities:


  • Earlier and upstream intervention to identify and support children with developmental and special education needs.
  • More information on care facilities/homes, financial assistance to reduce out-of-pocket expenses, and helping families access such resources more easily.

  • More employers to hire inclusively and provide supportive and flexible work arrangements that leverage strengths of persons with disabilities.
  • Initiatives that support employability and independent living e.g. in-community training centres that offer vocational training and care, disability-inclusive infrastructure.
  • Wider visibility of persons with disabilities to promote understanding of challenges and celebrate successes.
Mr Nakul Gaur at MSF's FowardSG Care pillar engagement

"When it comes to inclusive hiring, many employers want to learn more about the available support. With greater awareness, we will be able to provide more persons with disabilities with meaningful careers.”

Nakul Gaur, Inclusion Champion (iChamp) Volunteer with SG Enable

A Singapore Made For Families assures Singaporeans that we want to support Singaporeans as they start and raise their families through strong foundational support such as family-friendly spaces and workplaces as families are the backbone of our society.

Here are some ideas on strengthening families with young children:


  • ­Programmes that impart parenting and child raising knowledge.
  • Better work-life balance, e.g. more leave for parents, and flexible work arrangements.

  • Community support groups that help families manage challenges of sustaining marriages and building families.
  • More befrienders and mentors to step up to support families.
Ms Sharon Ng at MSF's FowardSG Care pillar engagement

"It is important to have strong support systems in place.

We provide families in need with opportunities to meet and develop neighbourly bonds, so that as a community, they can support and help one another out.”

Sharon Ng, Head, REACH Family Services