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Tuning in to the Leaders Session 14: Ms Yogeswari Munisamy

  Ms Yogeswari Munisamy, 4 Sep 2015

About the Speaker

Ms Yogeswari Munisamy is a Principal Social Worker at MSF’s Comcare and Social Support Division. She provides clinical direction, supervision, coaching and training in the Strengthening Families Together Pilot, a whole-of-government approach aimed at enabling vulnerable families with complex needs to access resources by addressing system barriers to increase family resilience and stability. Yoges graduated with a Masters in Social Work from George Warren Brown School of Social Work in 2003. Before joining MSF, she was a Principal Social Worker at the Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centre (AMK FSC), working with low-income families and focusing on intergenerational risk impact on children in these families. She also specialized in case work and counseling with youth and engaged in youth programme development, evaluation and research.

Between 2007 and 2011, she worked in Australia’s Department for Child Protection (Perth District) in a statutory role before moving on to develop a therapeutic transition support programme and assume a therapeutic role to support and coach child protection workers in their work with children around critical transitions. In USA, she had the opportunity to work with vulnerable families using the intensive in-home services model for reunification and Planned Parenthood of the greater St Louis.

Yoges has been providing supervision (individual and group), praxis sessions, mentoring and case consults to local and overseas social workers. She was part of the Master Social Worker Scheme to strengthen the capability of FSC social workers and enhance practice standards in the sector from 2012 to 2015. She also lectures part-time at the Social Work Department in the National University of Singapore and has been teaching various modules to undergraduate and post-graduate students. Yoges received the Outstanding Social Worker Award in 2013.

In this session, Yoges hopes to share on mindful and fun leadership lessons learnt from her bosses, supervisors and mentors and also insights from her own life adventures in social work practice.

Advice to Social Workers

Ms Yogeswari encourages Social Workers to advocate for clients until the end, to think about creative ways to touch the lives of the vulnerable and to recognize the importance of establishing a certain level of social support for clients.

Tips on Leadership

Ms Yogeswari shares the importance of supervisors being intentional in honing the skills of supervisees, looking out for others and being mindful in their leadership.

Ms Yogeswari Munisamy
Ms Yogeswari Munisamy

Principal Social Worker
Ministry of Social and Family Development
Comcare and Social Support Division