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Tuning in to the Leaders Session 21: Ms Ang Bee Lian

  Ms Ang Bee Lian, 1 Mar 2017

About the Speaker

Ms Ang Bee Lian holds statutory responsibility as the Director-General of Social Welfare at the Ministry of Social and Family Development. She also provides views and advice on the standards of social work and professional practice and capability in the sector.

Qualified as a social worker, she started as a child protection staff and practised in several settings. She also holds a Masters in Social Policy from the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Ms Ang has worked extensively with the statutory and voluntary sectors in the children, youth, elder care, disability and juvenile rehabilitation settings, and in a variety of policy, practice and management roles. She takes a keen interest in helping others understand the social work profession and in equipping and empowering the younger generation to take leadership in serving the vulnerable in society.

In this session, Ms Ang will share 10 lessons on leadership for social service professionals as the sector moves forward. She will show how essential the heart and mind is as a social worker and the importance of integrity and authenticity in policy and direct practice.

Turning Intention into Outcomes

Ms Ang Bee Lian shares how leaders should focus on outcomes and develop more meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). She also elaborates on the factors that affect outcomes.

Creating Policy and Programmes that Work

Ms Ang Bee Lian elaborates on what Evidence-Based Practice is. She also explains why “policy is implementation, and implementation is policy”.

Leadership in the Social Service Sector

Ms Ang Bee Lian shares 3 important factors that help to motivate and develop people. She also elaborates on the importance of maintaining system capability by focusing on the weakest link and oiling the system. She ends off by sharing how leaders can grow in their roles.


Director-General of Social Welfare
Ministry of Social and Family Development