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Tuning in to the Leaders Series Session 17: Dr Vincent Ng

  Dr Vincent Ng, 15 Jun 2016

About the Speaker

Dr Vincent Ng is Chief Executive Officer of AMKFSC Community Service Ltd. He completed his PhD in social work at the National University of Singapore. Prior to joining AMKFSC in 2009, Vincent worked as a social worker in both public and medical settings.

Under his steady and personable leadership, AMKFSC has grown from three Family Service Centres in 2009, to a dynamic multi-service agency today, serving a diverse group of vulnerable populations ranging from children and youths-at-risk, troubled families, lonely and frail elderly, to even criminal and drug offenders. He has also overseen the corporatization of the agency from the former Ang Mo Kio Family Service Centres to AMKFSC Community Service Ltd in 2014.

As CEO of AMKFSC, Vincent believes in creating a supportive organisational culture where people are deployed and developed to their strength and passion. This approach has led a largely happy organisation with low staff turnover, high energy and creativity in abundance, as evidenced by the successful development of many new innovative programmes such as Transition Plus+ to address complex issues faced by families displaced from housing, and Bakery Hearts which provides training and work supplement for women from low-income families. Most notably, COMNET, a small outreach program for the elderly that started in 2009 has grown to be a major provider of comprehensive elderly services known as Senior Cluster Network Operator, serving more than 3,000 elderly today.

AMKFSC has produced four PSWA winners and one OSWA winner during Vincent’s tenure. These are the highest national level accolades given out to social workers in Singapore and are the proudest moments for him. Vincent aims to work himself out of job one day, which means the end of poverty, marginalization and oppression in our society. Until that day comes, Vincent will continue to slog, just like many other unsung heroes out there.

Business Model VS Social Service Model

Dr Vincent Ng shares a similarity and difference between the business model and the social service model.

Leadership in a Leader

Dr Vincent Ng challenges leaders to consider the impact one wants to make in the short stay as a leader. He also shares important qualities that leaders should possess when leading teams in the pursuit of change.

Dr Vincent Ng
Dr Vincent Ng

AMKFSC Community Services Ltd