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Year of Celebrating Social Service Partners

Empowering our mums and dads

By supporting mums and dads in Singapore to be more confident and competent in their parenting styles, Centre for Fathering is making a giant impact in helping Singaporean families build stronger bonds.

Centre for Fathering

Centre for Fathering
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Since 2000, it has reached out to over 600,000 families via workshops and programmes. Its Deputy Group Head, Engagement and Programmes, Kevin Goh, draws inspiration for his work from an important woman in his life – his wife. She inspires him constantly by the way she lives out her passion to make a difference, her pursuit for solutions, and by rallying her community to do their part.


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If you are looking to contribute as a corporate partner, Kevin’s advice is to start small. “Start with your interests and work with others, collaborating to make a giant impact”.

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Making a Difference through Empowerment

United Women Singapore (UWS) is a local non-profit organisation working to bridge the gender gap through education. They do so by encouraging young women to pursue STEM education. Since 2014, over 28,000 young women have benefitted from their programme, Girls2Pioneers.

Working with corporate partners, UWS delivers workshops, hands-on activities, webinars, field trips, mentoring and scholarships to expose young women to the possibilities of a STEM career.


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UWS - Priya Ravi
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Priya Ravi, an Associate overseeing the programme has seen first-hand the impact it has on the confidence of young women. Her word of advice to those who want to contribute is to discover the ways they can get involved in their respective fields.

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