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Year of Celebrating Social Service Partners

Enabling persons with disabilities to lead independent lives

APSN, a social service agency, provides special education, vocational training and employment support services for individuals with mild intellectual disability.

At APSN Centre for Adults, trainees are equipped with the necessary skills required for the workforce through vocational training, on-the-job training and support services.


Photo credit: APSN

Partnerships with companies like ASTONS, IHG Hotels & Resorts, and Uniqlo have provided job-specific training and employment opportunities for beneficiaries, enabling them to lead more independent lives.

Over 6,000 beneficiaries, students, trainees and alumni have benefitted from APSN's programmes and services across its four SPED schools, APSN Student Care Centre and APSN Centre for Adults.

Find out how you can support APSN in its mission to empower individuals with special needs:
For individuals:
For organisations:

Empowering our mums and dads

By supporting mums and dads in Singapore to be more confident and competent in their parenting styles, Centre for Fathering is making a giant impact in helping Singaporean families build stronger bonds.

Centre for Fathering

Centre for Fathering
Photo credit:

Since 2000, it has reached out to over 600,000 families via workshops and programmes. Its Deputy Group Head, Engagement and Programmes, Kevin Goh, draws inspiration for his work from an important woman in his life – his wife. She inspires him constantly by the way she lives out her passion to make a difference, her pursuit for solutions, and by rallying her community to do their part.


Centre for Fathering Video

If you are looking to contribute as a corporate partner, Kevin’s advice is to start small. “Start with your interests and work with others, collaborating to make a giant impact”.

To support Centre for Fathering,
For organisationsPartner Centre for Fathering here.
For individuals - Support Centre for Fathering here.

Fostering with Care

Epworth Foster Care aims to provide quality care and support to foster parents while connecting them to a wider network of resources. The team of Foster care Workers provide case management and partner with professionals to support the care plans of foster children. On top of that, Epworth Foster Care regularly organises publicity campaigns to raise awareness about the fostering scheme in Singapore and recruit foster parents.

Foster parents and staff at our booth (set up at a recruitment event)
Foster parents and staff at an event.

Foster children come into their care for various reasons such as neglect, physical, emotional, or sexual abuse. Some have parents who are incarcerated or have mental illness and are unable to care for them. Through fostering, Epworth Foster Care hopes to provide these children with a safe, stable and nurturing home environment.

Epworth Foster Care is serving more than 130 foster children. They are staying with foster parents who provide loving homes and the care needed for these children to thrive.

Outdoor activities with foster children.

Cyberwellness workshp for foster children
Workshop for foster children.
(Photo credits: Epworth Foster Care)

Learn more about being a Foster Parent at:

For more information, you can contact Epworth Foster Care at or 9119 8711 (Whatsapp)

Improving Literacy for children with learning difficulties

Social service agency (SSA), Epworth Literacy, run intervention programme that ensure children with learning difficulties don't get left behind.

They help children with Dyslexia, Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), and other learning difficulties improve their literacy so that they can read and write at the level of their peers. All students from their Literacy and Behaviour Intervention Programme progressed to mainstream secondary schools, with over 70% improving their reading and spelling. 

Epworth SMART Board 2
Photo credit: Epworth Community Services

The SSA also equips children with social and emotional difficulties, and their families, with skills to manage their behaviours. Over 84% of students showed improvements based on parents'observations, and 92% of parents learned and applied positive parenting at home.

Since 2012, Epworth Literacy have served 1,244 students. To engage their students, they use innovative tools for digital learning, such as an AI-powered platform that helps build conservational skills.

Learn more about Epworth Community Services' literacy programmes:

Making a Difference through Empowerment

United Women Singapore (UWS) is a local non-profit organisation working to bridge the gender gap through education. They do so by encouraging young women to pursue STEM education. Since 2014, over 28,000 young women have benefitted from their programme, Girls2Pioneers.

Working with corporate partners, UWS delivers workshops, hands-on activities, webinars, field trips, mentoring and scholarships to expose young women to the possibilities of a STEM career.


United Women Singapore Video


UWS - Priya Ravi
Photo credit: Priya Ravi

Priya Ravi, an Associate overseeing the programme has seen first-hand the impact it has on the confidence of young women. Her word of advice to those who want to contribute is to discover the ways they can get involved in their respective fields.

Find out how you can support UWS in its mission to impact young girls and women.
For individuals:
For organisations:

Consider supporting some of our social service partners who serve children and women:
Daughters of Tomorrow: