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Singapore Government

Preparing for Marriage

 The Ministry – through its network of partners – organises, supports and provides marriage education programmes to couples of various needs.

Overview of Marriage Preparation Programmes

Preparing for a wedding is merely the beginning of preparing for a marriage. As much as wedding preparations take time and effort, so does marriage. A good marriage needs a good foundation and it takes commitment, effort and skills. 

Marriage preparation programmes will help you understand issues relating to marriage and learn skills that help prepare for life together as husband and wife. 

Tips on selecting Marriage Preparation Programmes for you and your partner:

  • Shop Around. There are differences in the programmes offered. Do consider details such as duration of the programme, location, class size and cost.
  • Decide Together. Decide with your partner which programme is suitable and when would be a good time to attend.
  • Register directly with the service provider.

Prevention and Relationship Education Programme (PREP)

Prevention and Relationship Education Programme (PREP)
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PREP is an evidence-based marriage and relationship education programme offered by the Ministry. It is designed based on over 30 years of research in US that aims to help soon-to-wed and newly-wed couples to;

  • Improve communication and problem-solving skills
  • Attain higher relationship satisfaction; and
  • Develop better conflict resolution skills

Research has shown that couples who attended PREP have higher levels of positive communication and interaction and greater confidence in the future of their marriages.

PREP 12-hour Workshop

Couples can also sign up for the PREP 12-hour workshop. The workshop, conducted over 2 days (weekends), provides deeper coverage on a range of topics such as communication, conflict resolution and problem-solving. Couples also have opportunities during the workshop to reflect on their relationship and learn skills to enrich their marriage. Click here for more information on this evidence-based marriage programme.

The Ministry provides couples a S$140 rebate* upon completion of the PREP 12-hour workshop. The PREP 12-hour workshop is offered by the following agencies:

  • Couples' Corner - A Service by Care Corner Counselling Centre
    Contact No : 6353 1180
    Email Address :
  • Course Fee (before rebate): $420 per couple

  • Careworks Community Services
    Contact No : 6293 4394
    Email Address :
  • Course Fee (before rebate): $350 per couple

  • TOUCH Community Services Ltd
    Contact No : 6709 8400
    Email Address :
  • Course Fee (before rebate): $420 per couple


*Rebate is applicable to all soon-to-wed and newly-wed couple(s) attending marriage preparation programme for the first time. Either one of the spouses must be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident.

Marriage Preparation Programmes in the Community

The Ministry also supports Marriage Preparation Programmes which are conducted by approved Social Service Agencies. Sign up for a Marriage Preparation Programme today and enjoy a S$70 rebate* from the Ministry. View the list of MSF approved organisations here.

For Online Marriage Preparation Programme, please view the list of MSF approved programmes here and here.

Sign up today to prepare for and build your Marriage of a Lifetime.

 *Rebate is applicable to all soon-to-wed and newly-wed couple(s) attending marriage preparation programme for the first time. Either one of the spouses must be a Singapore Citizen or Singapore Permanent Resident.

Marriage Programmes for Singapore Citizen-Foreigner couples

Singapore Citizen (SC)-foreigner couples are encouraged to attend marriage programmes for SC-foreigner couples to start their marriage on a strong foundation. Some couples whose Long-Term Visit Pass (LTVP) applications are approved may be required to attend these programmes before they are issued the LTVP. Couples are advised to attend the programmes early.

Marriage Preparation and Marriage Support Programmes

Benefits of programmes:

  • Help SC-foreigner couples address cross-cultural issues
  • Help the foreign spouses better adjust and integrate into society
  • Link couples to available community resources

Marriage programmes for SC-foreigner couples generally comprise a preparation component before marriage, and a support component after marriage. The programmes cover areas on strengthening couples' relationship within a cross-cultural context, conflict management, managing finances and practical information about staying and living in Singapore.

To ensure that couples' specific needs are met, they can attend other customised marriage preparation courses before attending the marriage programmes for SC-foreigner couples.

Pre-Marriage Long-Term Visit Pass Assessment (PMLA)

SC-foreigner couples are strongly encouraged to undergo PMLA before marriage to check if you will qualify for long-term stay in Singapore after getting married. This will help you better plan for your future and couples who have undergone the PMLA will have their LTVP application processed in a shorter time.

Frequently-Asked-Questions on the Pre-Marriage LTVP Assessment and MSF’s new programmes

To ensure that couples’ specific needs are met, the following groups can attend their respective Marriage Preparation Programme (MPP) followed by the Marriage Preparation and Support Programme (MPSP):

Groups Couples to attend
  •  Muslim marriages, where groom is 25 years old and above with the bride being 21 years old and above.
  • Cinta Abadi (click here for more information);
  • MPSP
  • Civil minor marriages, where at least one party is below 18 years old or at least one party is below 21 years old
  • Civil young marriages, where groom is 21 to below 25 years old with bride 21 years old and above.
  • MPP for civil minor and young marriages (click here for more information); and
  • MPSP

*MPP is mandatory for minor marriages

  • Muslim minor marriages, where at least one party is below 21 years old
  • Muslim young marriages where groom is 21 to below 25 years old with bride 21 years old and above. 
  • MPP conducted by INSPIRASI Hubs (click here for more information); and
  • MPSP

*MPP is mandatory for minor marriages

  • Muslim re-marriages where either one or both parties have been previously married
  • MPP conducted by PPIS Vista Sakinah (click here for more information); and
  • MPSP

Sign-up details

Programme  How to sign up
Cinta Abadi programme Click here for a list of appointed Cinta Abadi operators
Marriage Preparation Programme conducted by INSPIRASI Hubs

Contact either agency: 

  • PPIS INSPIRASI at 6561 1049/ or
  • INSPIRASI@AMP at 6416 3960/           
Marriage Preparation Programme conducted by PPIS Vista Sakinah Contact PPIS Vista Sakinah at 6891 3090/
Marriage Support Programme and Marriage Preparation and Support Programme

Contact either agency:

  • Strengthening Families@Family Service Centre (Care Corner - Tampines) at 6258 0020 or email: or
  • Strengthening Families Programme@Family Service Centre (Fei Yue - Choa Chu Kang) at 9750 8810 or 6769 0430 or email:

Couples who are required to attend the programmes for the Completion of Formalities for ICA, please ensure that you sign up for the right programmes. 

For any further queries, please contact MSF at 6355 5000 or email us at

Note: Completion of these programmes does not guarantee approval of LTVP application. 

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Marriage Preparation Programmes for Muslim couples

Marriage is a life-long journey. It is important to build a strong and long-lasting marriage from the start.

Marriage preparation programmes are designed to address the needs of different types of marriages. The different programmes provide an effective platform for couples to gain information and tips to strengthen their marriage.

Programme for Minor Couples - INSPIRASI HUBs

If either one or both of you are below 21 years old, you will have to complete a marriage preparation programme before you file for an application for marriage. You will also be required to obtain consent from your parents or guardians. The changes to the minor marriage application requirements took effect from 22 October 2018. For more infomation on the minor marriage application process, you can refer to the ROMM website

The marriage preparation programme is offered by INSPIRASI HUBs. Through the mandatory marriage preparation programme, couples would be able to make informed decisions about the marriage and be better prepared for the next stage of their journey.

For more information on the amendments, please click here.

Programme for Young Couples

If either you or your partner is below 21 years old, find out more about what makes a successful marriage in Marriage Preparation Programme for Young Couples by INSPIRASI HUBs.docx.

Grooms aged 21 to 24 years old are also encouraged to attend the programmes with their partners.

Cinta Abadi…Marriage of a Lifetime for First Marriages

If you are entering marriage for the first time, begin your journey with Cinta Abadi Marriage Preparation Programme

Cinta Abadi caters to Muslim first marriages with grooms aged 25 years old and above and brides aged 21 years old and above. The programme is conducted in English and Malay at various locations across the island. For more information, please click here.

Remarriage Preparation Programme

Is this a remarriage for you or your partner? Learn how to make this marriage work and pick up tips on step-parenting and helping the children adjust to a new family in the Remarriage Preparation Programme.

Mandatory Marriage Preparation Programmes for Minors

To help minor couples better prepare for marriage, they are required to attend a marriage preparation programme before they can be issued with a marriage licence. This is in addition to obtaining parental consent. 

Effective for couples marrying on and after 1 October 2016, the above requirement will apply where one or both of the marrying parties are Singapore Citizens or Permanent Residents; and

  • Where at least one party is below 18 years old; or
  • Where at least one party is aged 18 years and above but below 21 years old

Note: Age is at the day of solemnisation.

Minor couples are also required to attend a marriage preparation programme conducted by a MSF-approved organisation.

For marriages where one party is below 18 years old, couples must also undergo social assessment by MSF to assess their suitability for marriage before they are issued with a Special Marriage Licence.

You may download the list of MSF-approved organisations that provide marriage preparation programmes for couples aged 18 to below 21 years old here.

For more information, please click here to email MSF.

Premarital Counselling

Premarital counselling – often a part of marriage preparation programmes – helps couples to prepare for marriage, work through issues, resolve differences and determine if they are ready for marriage.

Couples can visit these organisations for premarital counselling services:

  • Secular organisations such as social service agencies and private counselling centres;
  • Religious organisations such as churches, mosques and temples; and
  • Private Counsellors / family therapists

Couples can view the list of MSF-approved providers of marriage education and support programmes from the hyperlink here.

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Strengthening Families Programme@FSC
You may find out more information on marriage preparation, support and counselling at the Strengthening Families Programme@FSC ("FAM@FSC") website. FAM@FSC provides marriage and divorce support and family counselling in 10 centres across Singapore.
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