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Case Story 2​ - Vulnerable mother obtained maintenance and other help

Mdm S, in her 70s, previously lived with her son, J and his wife. She was physically abused by her son and suffered brain haemorrhage from one of the incidents. After her discharge from hospital, she stayed in a sheltered home as it was not safe for her to return to their flat.


Mdm S received support from a Family Service Centre, whose social worker worked with the Office of the Commissioner for the Maintenance of Parents (CMP) to seek long-term maintenance from J.


CMP conducted the conciliation with J, who was unemployed and living on rental income. He understood his mother's need for maintenance support and offered to contribute $100 per month for her personal expenses and $226 for her monthly shelter fee.


Mdm S was relieved when she was informed of his offer and accepted it.

PUBLISHED ON Mon, Aug 29, 2022