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How To Respond to a Notice of Application

Step 1: Filing

If your parent files for a maintenance application against you, you will receive a Notice of Application. You need to formally respond by submitting an Answer. This Answer must be submitted within 14 days of the Notice of Application.

You must send or email the following to the Secretariat Office of the Tribunal:

You must also send the Answer to your parents and siblings, if they are named as parties in the Notice of Application.

Step 2: Mediation

The Tribunal will refer both parent and children to a mediator within 4 weeks. The mediator will help the parent and children to discuss the dispute and negotiate a settlement.

If the parent and children achieve a settlement, a Maintenance Agreement will be brought before the Tribunal for a Maintenance Order to be made.

For more information, please read Mediation.

Step 3: Hearing

If the parent and children do not achieve a settlement, an application will be made for a Tribunal hearing. Both parent and children must be present at the hearing.

The Tribunal may do any of the following:

  • Make a Maintenance Order on the application
  • Dismiss the application
  • Adjourn the hearing on the application

For more information, please read Tribunal Hearing.