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How to Apply for Maintenance

Parents must strive for conciliation at the Commissioner's Office first before filing a claim to the Tribunal.


To file an application,

  • you must be a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident
  • you must be 60 years old and above and unable to support yourself
  • if you are below the age of 60, you must be able to prove that there are valid reasons for seeking maintenance (such as health problems)

Step 1: Filing

You have to apply in person at the Tribunal for the Maintenance of Parents Registry. If you are unable to do so due to health or other reasons, an application can be made on your behalf by:

  • any member of your family
  • a person who is caring for you
  • a person or organisation looking after you. The person or organisation must apply to MSF before filing an application on your behalf.

‚ÄčThe applicant has to bring along:

  • NRIC of the parent
  • NRIC of person applying, if you authorised another person or organisation to file the application on your behalf.
  • Letter of authorisation, if you authorised another person or organisation to file the application on your behalf.
  • The names, last known addresses and/or NRICs of the children whom you are wish to file for a Maintenance Order against
  • Your bank account passbook or bank statement
  • Information on your living expenses
  • Information on your assets and savings
  • Your medical reports, if any.
You and your children named in the application will receive a Notice of Application after the application is filed.

Your children will have to file an answer using this MOP Form within 14 days. They may also submit other relevant information to support their response.

Step 2: Mediation

The Tribunal will refer both parent and children to a mediator within 4 weeks. The mediator will help the parent and children to discuss the dispute and negotiate a settlement.

If the parent and children achieve a settlement, a Maintenance Agreement will be brought before the Tribunal for a Maintenance Order to be made.

For more information, please read Mediation.

Step 3: Hearing

If the parent and children do not achieve a settlement, an application will be made for a Tribunal hearing. Both parent and children must be present at the hearing.

The Tribunal may do any of the following:

  • Make a Maintenance Order on the application
  • Dismiss the application
  • Adjourn the hearing on the application

For more information, please read Tribunal Hearing.
For more information, please read FAQs on How to Apply for Maintenance.