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Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Children and Youth

Topic(s): Rehabilitation

In every society, there is a small segment of children and young persons who are at risk or have been in trouble with the law. MSF engages families, the community and partners (including the Subordinate Courts, the Ministry of Home Affairs and social service agencies) in the rehabilitation and reintegration of these children and youth.

MSF believes that individuals and families are capable of overcoming their difficulties, becoming self-reliant and should be empowered to do so. MSF and its partners have developed a range of holistic policies and programmes that address the rehabilitative needs of at-risk and delinquent children and youth.

For children and young persons under the Family Guidance Order, MSF has in place programmes to help and rehabilitate them so that they do not slip into delinquency and the juvenile justice system. Parents and families are also empowered to better handle and relate to their children.

For children and young persons who have committed offences, MSF believes in community-based rehabilitation where possible, with institutionalisation as the last resort:

  • Probation Order
    Probation is a community-based sentencing option by the Court for people who have committed offence(s). Probationers are supervised by a Probation Officer or a Volunteer Probation Officer for a period between 6 months to 3 years. The Probation Order includes a set of conditions for compliance to ensure the probationer's good conduct and prevent him from committing a further offence.

  • Other Court-Ordered Options or Conditions
    Community Service Order and Weekend Detention Order are examples of other options available to the Court.

  • Diversionary Programmes
    Integrated Service Providers (ISPs) are social service agencies appointed by MSF to conduct Guidance Programme, Streetwise Programme, Enhanced Streetwise Programme and the Youth Enhanced Supervision scheme.

  • Triage System
    The triage system aims to assist in the early identification and diversion of youth offenders from the criminal justice system for upstream work.

When rehabilitation in the community is not possible, MSF employs  institutional rehabilitation strategies to rehabilitate and reintegrate these children and youth back to society as socially responsible individuals.


Outreach & Support for Youth

Programmes that reach out to support our youth to stay meaningfully engaged, become resilient individuals and realise their potential:


Rehabilitation and Protection Care Conference 2017

Rehabilitation and Protection Care Conference 2017 banner

The Rehabilitation and Protection Care Conference (RPCC) brings together government officers, professionals, community partners and organisations working in or with Singapore's out-of-home care sector to improve the quality of care in the local system for vulnerable children in need of care and protection. Hosted by Mr Desmond Lee, Minister for Social and Family Development, the Conference serves as a good platform for the sharing of knowledge, experiences and best practices in this area of work.


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