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Tuning in to the Leaders Series Session 3: Ms Nancy Ng

 Ms Nancy Ng, 20 Jun 2014

About the Speaker

Ms Ng’s professional influence can be felt across the globe when she spent 5 years working with Yup’ik Eskimo communities in Alaska as a school social worker, after obtaining her Masters in Social Work. On returning home, she was involved in policy work at the Rehabilitation and Protection Division, appointed Chief Probation Officer at MSF, and subsequently became the Director-General of Social Welfare in 2012. Presently, she serves as the Director of Central Youth Guidance Office and paves the way for youth-at-risk services.

Advice to Students Considering Social Work

Hear what Ms Nancy Ng has to say to students considering Social Work as a profession. She shares her view on Social Work as a profession and the importance of translating theory into practice.

Principles of Practice in Social Work

Hear Ms Nancy Ng share her thoughts on the Principles of Practice in Social Work through her experience practicing Social Work in Alaksa and Singapore. She elaborates the importance of respecting the client’s dignity, the importance of privacy and what it means to translate the theory of self-determination into practice.

Struggles and Encouragements faced

Hear Ms Nancy Ng share her struggles and encouragements when dealing with clients from different backgrounds through her experiences as a Social Worker.

Nancy Ng
Ms Nancy Ng

Director of Central Youth Guidance
Office at Ministry of Social and Family Development