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Click here for a copy of LPA Form 1
LPA Forms should be printed on A4 paper to facilitate their registration.
Step 1: Donees
Choose your donee(s) wisely
  • -  21 years old and above
  • -  Someone you trust to make decisions on your behalf, in your best interests
Choose what decision powers to grant your donee(s)
  • -  Personal welfare
  • -  Property and affairs
  • -  Both
If you have more than 1 donee, decide if they are to act
  • -  Jointly -- donees have to act together, cannot act separately.
  • - Jointly & severally -- donees can make decisions together or separately. Both types of decisions are valid.  
Fill up the LPA Form 1 accordingly
Step 2: Certificate Issuing
See an LPA Certificate Issuer
  • - Critical safeguard to ensure that the donor does not make an LPA under pressure or duress.
  • - There are 3 groups of professionals who can issue an LPA certificate -- (a) accredited medical practitioner, (b) lawyer*, and (c) psychiatrist.
  • - The top 10 most visited accredited medical practitioners charge fees ranging from $25 - $80, with most charging $50, for the service.

Click here to find an LPA certificate issuer.

*Note: This refers to a Singapore solicitor qualified to practice Singapore law in a Singapore law practice.​
Step 3: Submit your LPA

To submit your LPA for registration, please send the following documents to the Office of the Public Guardian (OPG) by post or by hand. These include:

  • 1) LPA Form 1 or Form 2;

  • 2) Clear photocopies of donor’s and all donees’/replacement donees’ identification document*; and/or

  • 3) Clear photocopy of Directors’ Resolution of the Licensed Trust Company (only applicable for Form 2 applicants who wish to appoint at least 1 Licensed Trust Company as a donee/ replacement donee)
*For Singaporeans and Permanent Residents, this refers to the front and back of the NRIC. For non-citizens without NRIC, this refers to the passport.

OPG will verify your documents and accept your complete application for registration if there are no valid objections raised within the 3 weeks mandatory waiting period. ​
Office of the Public Guardian
Ministry of Social and Family Development
20 Lengkok Bahru 
#04-02, Family @ Enabling Village
Singapore 159053 ​
From Monday - Friday, 8.30am - 5.30pm, excluding Public Holidays.

*Please submit your LPA application within 6 months from the date the donor signs on the LPA Form.


If you wish to make an LPA Form 2, visit a lawyer* to draft the Annex to Part 3 of your LPA.

What is the difference between an LPA Form 1 and LPA Form 2?
  • - LPA Form 1: Standard form for donors who wish to grant donee(s) general powers with basic restrictions. Donors may appoint up to 2 donees and 1 replacement donee in LPA Form 1.
  • - LPA Form 2: For donors who wish to appoint either more than 2 donees, more than 1 replacement donee, or grant customised powers to their donee(s). The Annex to Section 4 of the LPA Form 2 has to be drafted by a lawyer*.
*Note: This refers to a Singapore solicitor qualified to practice Singapore law in a Singapore law practice.
                    98% of Singapore Citizens who have made an LPA used the LPA Form 1

Please take note that for LPAs that are received by OPG from 1 August 2019, donors and donees are able to access a softcopy PDF of the registered LPA. Donors are able to share the softcopy LPA via OPG's e-services portal using Singpass with anyone. (e.g. lawyer, HDB, CPFB, etc.)

Last updated: 30 Jan 2020