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Where to Find a Certificate Issuer

When completing your LPA, the LPA Form will have to be witnessed and certified by an LPA certificate issuer. Any one of the following professionals in Singapore can be the certificate issuer for your LPA:
    A) a medical practitioner accredited by the Public Guardian;
    B) a practising lawyer*; or
    C) a registered psychiatrist

Note: This refers to a Singapore solicitor qualified to practice Singapore law in a Singapore law firm.

You can search for a Certificate Issuer in the OPG Online (OPGO) system. Alternatively, you may book an online appointment directly with participating CIs using our new trial system. You will receive a SMS booking confirmation thereafter.


Important Role of the LPA Certificate Issuer

The LPA certificate issuer signs on the LPA Form as a witness for the Donor, to ensure that the Donor understands the purpose of the LPA and the scope of authority conferred on the Donee(s), there is no fraud or undue pressure used to induce the Donor to make the LPA, and there is nothing else that will prevent the LPA from being created.

In order to prevent a conflict of interest, a person is disqualified from giving an LPA Certificate if that person is -
a)   A family member of the Donor;

b)   A Donee* of that power;

c)   A Donee* of any other lasting power of attorney which has been executed by the Donor (whether or not it has been revoked);

d)   A family member of a Donee* within sub-paragraphs (b) and (c);

e)   A director or an employee of a person other than an individual acting as a Donee* within sub-paragraphs (b) and (c);

f)   A business partner or an employee of - 

       i.   The Donor; or

       ii.   A Donee* within sub-paragraphs (b) and (c);

g)   An owner, a director, a manager or an employee of any care facility where the Donor lives or is cared for when the instrument is executed; or

h)   A family member of a person within sub-paragraph (g).

*"Donee" includes a "Replacement Donee".

List of 20 Most Visited Certificate Issuers and Range of Fees Charged

Find out more about the 20 Most Visited Certificate Issuers based on the LPA applications the OPG received (updated: 17 Jan 2024).

The fees charged depends on the complexity of the case. The OPG does not prescribe the fees charged. Members of the public are advised to check with the individual Certificate Issuer on his professional charges. 

As at Dec 2023, the fees range of the 20 most visited Certificate Issuers across the three groups of professionals for LPA Form 1 certification are as follows:

​Accredited doctors$25 to $70
Lawyers $50 to $400
​Psychiatrists$175 to $500

Fees exclude consultation and GST.

Disclaimer: The list of 20 most visited CIs is updated every half yearly, based on the number of LPA certificates each CI issued in the past 6 months. Donors may wish to refer to the list, and the fee range in deciding on a CI to engage for their LPA certification. The list and fees are neither exhaustive nor an endorsement of their professional services. You should do your checks in selecting a suitable CI, OPG does not assume any responsibility or liability for the services provided by any CI (find a CI near you).

Organisations who offer pro bono / means-tested LPA Certificate Issuing Services

Individuals with financial needs may approach the following organisations to certify their LPA:

Interested applicants are advised to call their preferred not-for-profit organisations to make an appointment.

Upcoming LPA​​ Certificate Issuing events

Interested applicant​s have to contact the respective organisations to make an appointment.

​1. Pre-Planning Campaign Mobile Clinics 

Free LPA certification and ACP facilitation at the mobile clinics are provided by volunteer certificate issuers and facilitators for Singapore citizens aged 50 and above, who are CHAS Blue/Orange card holders. Booking is required here: Limited slots available.

Mobile clinics are held every month. Please visit for updates on the upcoming sessions. To make your LPA earlier, please refer to the list of 20 most visited certificate issuers. You may wish to make an appointment with them (certification fees are payable). 

2. Life Point (Society of Sheng Hong Welfare Services) <Chargeable>

Interested applicants will have to attend the LPA talk before they can sign up for LPA certification services.​