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For Donors and Donees

Donors with existing registered LPAs:

All hardcopy and softcopy LPAs registered prior to OPGO launch on 14 Nov 2022 will be made available in the OPGO portal for Donors and Donees to view and send. All existing Donors and Donees will receive a letter from OPG to verify the details of the registered LPA on OPGO. 

Donees should send the electronic copy of the Donor’s registered LPA to third parties via OPGO when transacting on the Donor’s behalf, as it is the most updated copy of the LPA.​

Donors who had their LPAs certified before OPGO launch:

OPG will accept hardcopy LPAs that have been certified by Certificate Issuers before 14 Nov 2022. These hardcopy LPAs must be submitted to OPG within 6 months from date of Donor’s signature on the LPA.​

Individuals who want to make LPAs after OPGO launch:

All LPAs must be made and submitted via OPGO. Applicants may log in to OPGO via Singpass to do so.

You may submit a hardcopy form​ only under the following exceptional situations, covered under Section 11(2a) of the Mental Capacity Act:​​

a. The Donor/Donee/Replacement Donee is unable to use OPGO due to the Donor’s/Donee’s/Replacement Donee’s physical disability or other circumstances

b. OPGO is unavailable;

c. The Donor does not have an electronic device to receive SMS to create and access his Singpass account/National Digital Identity (NDI);

d. The Donor/Donee/Replacement Donee is not eligible for a Singpass account/NDI.

The acceptance of hardcopy LPAs is subject to the Public Guardian’s approval. Please use the 2022 version of the hardcopy LPA form in your submission; older versions of the form may be rejected by OPG.