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Tuning in to the Leaders Series Session 18: Mr Udhia Kumar

Tuning in to the Leaders Series Session 18: Mr Udhia Kumar

Mr Udhia Kumar
Mr Udhia Kumar
Executive Director
THKFSC @ Tanjong Pagar

Mr Udhia Kumar has been a Social Worker in the FSC setting since his graduation in 1995. He majored in Psychology and Social Work and eventually did his Honours in Social Work. His first love remains at times Psychology but his Social Work work experiences at times forces his rethinking about his first love. 

He dabbled at various points in moving into policy work, research work and even had harboured and actually had gone for an interview to be a Home Economics and Elements of Office Administration teacher, the closest they could offer to his limited experience then.   Find out why he decided to stick to practicing Social Work and how that choice has shaped and continues to shape him. 

Kumar hopes to bare some, not all, of his thinking, challenges and dreams about Social Work, specifically around family centered services. Some of the adventures he has had and the many regrets that he wished he had decided otherwise on. He hopes to share too what keeps him at times going when it is darkest and difficult from his point of view. A born pessimist in a profession that introduced the idea of strengths and abilities, he shares how that has been a real challenge for him. 

He hopes to share some handouts, his forms which he is always in love with and is always trying to change them and the stuff he uses to keep himself going. He hopes to share very much on the giants and minions in the field who have in their own ways influenced his journey in this profession. 

Very much like his journey in Social Work, his thoughts on what he hopes to share are still evolving and therefore the many hopes in this write up. Come and find out if he still thinks he is a Social Worker. He wonders very much too if he is a leader to add to that. 

“Half of what I say I is meaningless, but I say it so that the other half may reach you” 
Khalil Gibran

Download summary of Tuning in to the Leaders [Session 18].

Family Service Centre Model

Mr Udhia Kumar shares his hopes and dreams for the Family Service Centre model.  

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