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Tuning in to the Leaders Session 12: Ms Han Yah Yee

Tuning in to the Leaders Session 12: Ms Han Yah Yee

Ms Han Yah Yee  

Ms Han Yah Yee
Group Director of Social Services
Montfort Care

Ms Han Yah Yee has been a social worker for more than 20 years. As a social worker who excels, she gradually worked up the social work professional track after graduating in 1994. She was promoted to be the Assistant Director of a FSC in 2002 and currently holds the position as the Group Director of Social Services, Montfort Care. She received the Outstanding Social Worker Award in 2010 and was appointed as Master Social Worker in year 2014. As a social work innovator, she is armed with a rich experience in casework management and has innovated and created social work programs to build resilience among pockets of “vulnerable clientele”. As a social worker who leads by example, she has taken a “staff-centric” approach in her management role. She spends much of her time coaching and mentoring her junior social workers by working on the ground with them. As a social worker with love, she lives and breathes social work, and working with the marginalized and helping them has become not only her “core competence”, but also her “life philosophy”.

Download summary of Tuning in to the Leaders [Session 12].

Advice to Social Workers


Ms Han shares the importance of making friends with the poor and broken in order to better appreciate their difficulties. She also emphasizes the importance of finding a mentor as a Social Worker.

Anchoring Oneself


Ms Han shares the many distractions that one will face while practising Social Work and the importance of going back to the reason why one had joined the profession. 

Staying Relevant


Ms Han shares the struggles she faced when she transited from direct practice to a managerial position. She also shares how she continues to remain relevant and connected to the ground and the importance of achieving length and breadth in experiences as a Social Worker.

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